Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fall musings

The nights grow chilly and the days shorter.  There are school buses on the road and children with backpacks on the sidewalks.  This is the the Fall special time that I look forward to all the summer through.  It is so fleeting!  I want time to walk in the woods and shuffle through the leaves, gather pine cones and sit and watch the squirrels prepare.  How is that time is so quick as the seasons change?  Here at Simply Soothing Sanctuary I am preparing to spend some time with dr. clarissa pinkola estes.  We will be listening to "The Dangerous Old Woman" and having discussion.  It is a time of introspection.  If that resonates with you then give it a try. click here for info

Sunday, December 11, 2011

As the Solstice approachs~

I am preparing for a time, but of what..?  I find that I am a little anxious or excited, but not sure of what.  Feeling that I am on the forefront of a change and that can be unsettling for me and yet I wonder what is coming next?  Life is oh so interesting and if I keep myself planted where my feet are and walk the path that is laid out for me I find that it is indeed my Labyrinth of Life.  Winter is a place of contentment for me once we get past all the holiday hoopla.  Having a birthday in January gives me the opportunity to start my new year out fresh and I can celebrate my life as the New Year starts!!  Where will I go this year?  What new challenge awaits me and how will it affect and effect my life?  The not knowing is both the gift and the angst...
I am living what I Love and loving what I Live!

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Ancient Cone Process

The Cone process was originally used in ancient India, China, Tibet and Aztec culture, as well as in other native and folk cultures in more-recent times. It was originally used for purification prior to initiation rites.
Glazed clay or stone cones were used, with spirals carved inside the cones to create an inner clockwise spiral energy flow, carrying herbs or incense into the ear cavity—itself a snail-like structure – thus creating a counter-clockwise spiral energy, via a vacuum action by the cone.
The cone also had a reverse spiral carved within, thus creating the energy necessary to draw out debris such as ear wax, infection, crystallized protein matter—many due to emotional or physical trauma/parasites, as well as subtle energetic disharmony's. Meanwhile, the inward energy created by the smoke from the cone spirals through the body, breaking up blockages in the subtle energy system, lymphatic system—and even in the subconscious, where repressed emotions and memories, even though hidden from the conscious mind, do cause degenerative disease.
This process has been basically lost to common knowledge over the centuries, and is slowly coming back into use through the holistic modalities.
The coning process is still being handed down orally in the West today, although, in this hemisphere, a rather unrefined cone is used, consisting of strips of cotton dipped in wax, sometimes containing medicinal herbs, wound spirally, hardened, then held to the ear and burned to create the smoke containing spiral energy flowing into the ear.
This begins the healing process.
For anyone desiring to undertake this process as a healing method, it is important to realize that it is extremely powerful and thorough. It will produce cleansing reactions of either a physical or emotional nature—or perhaps both. It can be used to promote a transition or evolution from both ill health to wellness as well as in a process of spiritual evolvement.
It is important to be willing to make a commitment to oneself to complete the process once it has been started, since it can be detrimental to begin a process of opening up oneself and clearing out accumulated debris, then stop before the process of completion.
It is suggested that the ear coning be performed in groupings of three, from three days to a week apart: ear wax replenishes itself within 24 hours. Thereafter, the ear can be coned every six months.

Questions and Answers about Ear Coning

How many conings will I need?

Most people will need 3 to 7 conings. More if necessary, your body will tell you if you listen. If you have a friend who knows how to muscle test ask them to test you. We have found that people who have had chronic sinus problems may seed as many as 11 conings to dry out the mucous.

I’ve had a coning and now feel like my ears are more clogged and my sinuses are feeling strange. What should I do?

This is the most common experience after the initial conings. Debris from the inner ear, sinuses, lymph system, lungs, etc. will rise to the ear canal as a vacuum is created. It finally has an escape route. Get another coning done in 3 days from the last one. The pressure should be relieved as the debris is removed. Please remember, this is a cleansing process. Your body has found a way to cleanse trapped material. Be patient. You may want to explore you past history of eating, drugs(including drugstore drugs!), alcohol, chemicals, etc. that you are breathing and consuming. Investigate other cleansing programs – find out how you can cleanse yourself in other ways. Dr. Richard Brech would be a good person to speak to about cleansing.

I have a lot of fungus being removed. How can I prevent this from re-occurring?

Fungus and possible candida shows up in the cone as white globs of powdery substance. Try a product you can obtain at the drugstore called “Swimmer’s Ear.” Keep water out of your ears as much as possible. Fungus grows in dark, damp places. Also you may want to talk with your holistic doctor and getting tested for candida. Educate yourself about this problem caused by taking antibiotics and eating chicken and meat infected with antibiotics.

My ears feel like they are drawing and dry. What should I do?

Ear oil or olive oil should relieve the dryness.

I burned a cone down and there was some wax in the bottom of the cone?

A small amount of cone wax will go to the bottom of the cone as it is being burned. Ear wax and cone wax will mix. We know this procedure works after coning hundreds of people. Some people will consistently have an enormous amount of ear wax, others none. What is normal for one is not for another. Wax is present to protect the ear and sometimes it can obstruct hearing. It’s good to get the ‘oil’ changed every so often.

Ear Coning at Simply Soothing Sanctuary

Improve hearing, taste, smell and balance using the process of ear coning.

Ear coning is less intrusive than conventional ear cleaning and also

aids in the treatment of numerous ear and sinus discomforts.

Ear Coning (1 ea. ear) $55.00

Additional Cones $10.00 EA.

Fresh ginger compress - hot compress on the face to aid in the relief of sinus congestion ,along with a facial massage and coning.


Please be advised that I am not a doctor and therefore cannot give any prescriptions or make any claims for any healing that may, or may not occur. Use only as directed The manufacturer and seller is not responsible for any misuse of this product.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

regroup and refresh

It has been some time since I started this and as can be seen I have been amiss in chatting or blogging. Here at SSS this winter we have started some work from the bottom up. I suppose this goes along with "healing from the Inside Out", only it is from the cellar up.

We have added on my niece Sara, who is bringing us a different massage than mine. She offers sport massage, deep tissue and polarity work. She also would like to work with those suffering with chronic pain issues to help them modify.

Debra Bunszel continues to see clients here by appointment also and will be offering reflexology classes ongoing by enrollment.

I am loving my massage business and also preparing for a Vision Quest in the fall. More on that later. Will attempt to keep this going with articles and such that I find enjoyable or thought provoking.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Circles Touching Circles~

It was a beautiful early fall day and I was crazily putting the vendors around the backyard of Hope Floats in Kingston. This was my first adventure into pulling together a fundraiser, but Hope Floats Wellness Center has an energy that I am drawn to and so I chose it to be the recipient of my creativity. What a wonderful day we had. The vendors and class instructors were phenomenal and I couldn't have asked for anything more. It is a new direction for my energy to run and as with all new things there is doubt and unsuredness (is that a word?) What I didn't realize, was the people that I would meet and the new friends and contacts that would meet me in process. I'm actually looking forward to new ventures along this path.